Get amazing triple play services in just one call
Triple Play Select
  • It offers 125 plus TV channels of sports and family programming along with free HD and free DVD service.
  • It has the speed of 100 Mbps internet of most reliable and fastest network.
  • Unlimited calling all over the nation with up to 28 astonishing phone features.
For 12 months when bundled*
Triple Play silver
  • 175 plus TV channels of our choice and famous premium networks along with free HD and free DVD service.
  • 100 Mbps internet of most reliable and fastest network
  • Unlimited calling all over the nation with up to 28 phone features.
For 12 months when bundled*
Triple Play Gold
  • It provides 200 plus TV channels. It is a full triple play silver deal along with the full suite of premium networks.
  • 100 Mbps internet of most reliable and fastest network.
  • Unlimited calling all over the nation with up to 28 phone features.
For 12 months when bundled*

Choose your best Television plan

Spectrum provides the amazing charter TV packages which can bring entertainment and enjoyment as your family demands in the home. Spectrum charter television offers three types of diverse packages by keeping in consideration the various demands of every family member. A small family consisting of parents and children would have diverse demands. Children would like to watch movies and serials while parents would like to watch some sports and news channels. Therefore, Charter spectrum expanded its approach and designed such plans which would be appropriate for every member of the family.

Here is the basic package of Charter Spectrum Television having amazing features
  • Watch 125 plus channels
  • You have an opportunity to avail our catalog and get access to 10,000 plus a catalog of on-demand movies and your favorite television shows. In our latest catalog, you can avail 1500 plus HD titles along with 3D movies.
  • You have the chance to watch your favorite shows and movies on your smartphone, tablets, and any other device by downloading Spectrum App.

Spectrum Amazing internet services and incredible speed

In this modern age, it is really mandatory to have internet access. Internet plays the significant role in our life’s formal and informal activities Spectrum internet is one of the leading and fastest growing internet services in America. Its internet speed offers 300 Mbps which includes Wi-Fi gateway router which is utilized to connect your devices. It offers various packages according to the priorities of the customers. They offer diverse packages which are designed by keeping in consideration every type of customer. The consumer demand for family consisting parents and children would be far different from the demand of a multinational company.
Charter Spectrum internet gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite shows and movies and play online games without any buffering. Its services 20 times better, reliable, and cheaper than traditional internet DSL services. You are also capable to download heavy sized files and music whether it’s audio or video. Charter Spectrum also provides the service of Wi-Fi network manager device which assists to manage your home and office internet network.

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Charter Spectrum voice features

Charter spectrum phone service does not only offer you to make calls but you are capable to make unlimited long- distance calls. You have the opportunity to avail and enjoy up to 28 phone features which are unable to find in any landline phone. Here are some of the astonishing features of the Charter Spectrum are discussed below:

Voice Mail

Voicemail allows you to leave a message and it plays the role as your personal answering machine.

Call Waiting

You don’t have any longer to miss your important calls. If you are already on a call, you will hear the beep for an incoming call during the call.

Caller ID

You have the opportunity to get the caller’s ID and phone number on your phone display unit.

Repeat Dialing

This feature can continuously make calls to the busy number.

All Call Forwarding

You are allowed to forward your calls to another call and never miss important calls.

Select call forwarding

You have the chance to choose any specific group of contacts and forward their calls.

Block Anonymous Calls

If unknown numbers are disturbing you, you have the chance to block their numbers by using this feature.

Block Unwanted Callers

Avail this feature and get rid of all those callers you don’t want to talk.

VIP Ringing

You are allowed to assign a particular ringtone to your favorite and important callers. Therefore, whenever they call you would be able to recognize only by hearing the ringtone.

Speed Dial

You can have one-touch dialing program up to 8 phone numbers by dialing with only one touch with your finger.

Accept Selected Calls

Receive calls only from those callers you want to talk; rest of the callers will get the message that you are not receiving the call.

3-Way Calling

This feature will allow you to simultaneously make calls to other users.

Call Waiting with Caller id

This feature lets you know that who is caller while you are on another call.

Voice Online Manager

This feature will assist you in managing your home phone.

Readable Voicemail

Get your messages in an audio and full transcript of your voice messages by availing this feature.

Return Call

Block 900/976 Calls

Block 3rd Party Charges

Block Collect Calls

Block Outbound Caller ID

Block International Calls


Simultaneous Ring

Set Backup Phone

No Answer? Forward Call

Trace Call

Do Not Disturb

Caller ID on TV

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General Disclaimer

Charter spectrum offers astonishing services of internet, cable TV, and phone along with DVD service on 1 box free at affordable rates. You also have an opportunity to buy 2 boxes at the rate of $9.99 for 1 year and after one-year standard cost services charges will be applied. If you are availing the internet service, you need to purchase a modem for this. There will be no extra charges for TV equipment, installations, and taxes.

All of the qualifying residential customers who still have not signed to the applicable services from past thirty days or don’t have any remaining amazing obligations; all the deals are available on the limited time period from 2018 to onwards. TV equipment is also required and it is extra; internet modem is also required at a price; phones taxes, fees, and surcharges added in price; various instrumentation, install, taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply. Credit approval, defrayal, and major master card are also required. Services which are subject to any or all applicable service terms and conations that square measure subject to vary. The emblems will be affiliated to their individual homeowners. Services will not be availed in altogether areas and restrictions will also be applied. Charter Spectrum services are not available in every so you need to check the availability first by sharing your address with us.

HD:There is need to own HD receiver to avail HD services. Your television should be HD competent; HD programming and due to diversity in channels inconsistency may occur. Not all of the channels on the market in HD. HD channels are bound to any extra cost; TV tools are required and are further.

ON DEMAND: On-Demand programming varies according to the level of services; evaluation; rating to change; TV instrumentation and is further.

3D: To get 3D viewing, first you have to avail 3D TV, glasses, and compatible set prime box. Programming is varied by the level of the tune-up.

PAY-PER-VIEW: PPV programming, pricing, and ratings vary.

Latino View: Package is achievable in different classified markets.

Fastest Internet: The speed will be varied depending on the different address; small % of shoppers is able to receive under publicized speeds. Speed can be compared to the 3Mbps telephone circuit.

INTERNET MODEM: Lease of net electronic equipment enclosed

STREAMING CONTENT: There is a need to make the subscription of the corresponding level of service to avail of their online service and apps; emblems will be affiliated to the individual house owners.

Spectrum Protection Set: Spectrum doesn’t guarantee about the security of the information.

Spectrum WIFI: Spectrum net is required. The fees for installation or setting, equipment, and inauguration will be charged.

Spectrum Phone Services-VOICE: It provides the reliable phone with unlimited nationwide calling and international calls within the USA, Canada, Puerto law, island, and the Virgin Islands.

DVR: To get DVR service, there is a need to avail lease of Spectrum DVR set-top box. Brand new customers have the chance to get free DVR supply only if they bundled with TV, web, and phone. You can avail DVR service on one box free for twelve months. There will be a discount on DVR service by getting 2 to 4 boxes and the rate will be $9.99 for one year. Charges will be applied in normal service once a year. Services are not achievable in all mentioned areas. Restrictions may apply.

Contract Information: To avail contract acquisition program order and install an eligible new client baseball play promotion or limited baseball play promotion. There is need to submit Spectrum contact acquisition form, a copy of the ultimate bill from the previous supplier, and early termination which is clearly marked and completed to avail the contract acquisition program. Contracts acquisition forms must be submitted to the Spectrum within six days of the installation of the Spectrum baseball play. There is also an option to submit the contract acquisition form after a pair of weeks from the date mentioned on the competitor’s final bill statement, whichever is later.

Note: offers are achievable in told areas