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Internet Only Plans ?

Below are the latest internet only deals CenturyLink is offering.

Internet Only

  • Internet Speed: ↓ 15 Mbps
  • Connection: DSL
  • Data Caps: 1024 GB/mo
  • Price: $49/mo

Paperless billing required.

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  • Average Call Wait Time:
    Less than 30 seconds

Internet Only

  • Internet Speed: ↓ 199 Mbps
  • Connection: Fiber
  • Data Caps: 1024 GB/mo
  • Price: $49/mo

Paperless billing required.

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  • Average Call Wait Time:
    Less than 30 seconds

Internet Only

Fiber Gigabit
  • Internet Speed: ↓ 994 Mbps
  • Connection: Fiber
  • Data Caps: No Caps
  • Price: $65/mo

Paperless billing required.

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  • Average Call Wait Time:
    Less than 30 seconds

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with CenturyLink. Last updated on 1/21/2020.

About Centurylink

In US the Centurylink is the major fiber optic and DSL internet provider. Centurylink keeps youconnected with the world with high blazing fast internet, secure Wi-Fi and reliable connectionin very affordable rates.

With Centurylink life plan your internet rates never change life long. In short, centurylinkinternet packages are highly beneficial to own due to their incredibly low rates.

Pros and Cons of Centurylink

• Fixed Price Life Long

• Fast Speed Internet

• Stable Connection compared to Cable


• Greater Speed Range Greater Price

• Less Upload Speed

• Limits of Data Usage

Tips for Comparing Centurylink Internet Deals:

  1. Early Termination Fees. Whenever you sign in a contract for any of thecenturylink internet packages, it requires high Early Termination Fees (ETFs), that may upset your budget. So assure that you can go through the entire period of the agreement, you signed in for.
  2. Bundle services. Centurylink is in an agreement with DIRECTV to provide you with high picture quality programing in their bundles. If you intend to add the TV service to your plan then bundling DIRECTV with Centurylink will help you save a huge amount as purchasing both the services separately will be an expensive choice.
Availability of the Service, Your Options

Centurylink service operates in United States but there is a prominent gap between Californiaand
New England.Centurylink provide you with high varying speed internet but only specific areas will have the access to these high end plans.

We are offering the service by two different technologies naming DSL and Fiber Optic.

DSL (DigitalSubscriber Lines), it is an old technology in which the already spread telephonic
network to deliver you the information and data you require. As this connection is already present for a time, it has a great access to a number of rural costumers, this enables centurylink to cover majority of the country. But, as compared to other technologies likeCable and Fiber, DSL is quite slow. Having a consistent speed across the course makes it the most reliable of the three but a low level of maximum speed make it a poor choice for the folks who demand high speed internet.

Besides DSL, the other newer technology that centurylink use to transfer data to you is fiber
optic. Fiber optic is a milestone in the field of technology as it is best in regard of both speed and reliability, but the concern is that, not
all the areas have an access to these fiber optic cables that enables you enjoy high speed
internet with leastdispersion of data. You will find out that the infrastructure of fiber optics is limited to theurban areas where the
providers can find out a high density of costumers. If you have this opportunity in your area,you are a lucky one to enjoy the fastest sped internet, while most of the centurylink costumers can not enjoy this service.

What about the Speed Tier of Centurylink?

You may experience a great variation in the Centurylink Wi-Fi plans speed as they offer both DSL and Fiber Optics connection. This high speed is very essential particularly for the “cord cutters” who love to watch Netflix and YouTube a lot.

For a single definition stream, Netflix require a high speed estimated round about 5 Megabits per
second, Mbps (the standard unit to measure internet speed).And with centurylink DSL service you can enjoy 40 Mbps Internet Speed, which
will allow you to download a high definition movie in only 15 minutes. On the other hand, with
the fiber optic connection of centurylink you can download a complete movie in only 30 seconds. You will be delighted to see that how faster internet connection will save your time and rather than spending the time on streaming to load the shows, you can spend it on watching your favorite shows.

Data Limits

A data cap of almost 1TB is placed on residential internet service. Although an average consumer is not going to consume
that much but the issue will be regarding the homes with “several power users” at a
single place.

Practically, a common observation says that a family with four members can easily, without any disturbance, stream
comfortably high definition HD channels. By the use of data caps, Centurylink limits the work load, and ensure consistent service for all its users.

A single individual with a limited number of devices can be benefited even from the
DSL connection of Centurylink. Still, definitely, for multiple homes, multiple people and multiple devices your speed requirements will require

For most of the people, the speed of 100 Mbps is more than enough and for the hardcore gamers
and streamers it may require almost 1000 Mbps speed. But in many areas, none of these services are available so we recommend, for an average
person, the internet speed of 40 Mbps.

DIRECTV Plans and CenturyLink Internet Bundles: A Comparison

For the one who is willing to add TV service to their CenturyLink plan, can bundle both the
Centurylink and DIRECTV.
Encountering both the services separately it becomes many a times hard to pick one that offers
the best combination for you.

DIRECTV and CenturyLink Internet

DIRECTV offers you 240 channels in a price that is half of that demanded by Centurylink prism, although you do not get
the same amount of channels but it is also a plus point in our opinion. And then
bundling the DIRECTV with CenturyLink
Internet Bundles will also result in your savings with incredible discounts, adding more flavor to your deals.

To enjoy the best TV service nationwide in a very reasonable price, you should bundle DRECTV with the fast speed CenturyLink internet.

Equipment Rates of CenturyLink

To be a part of CenturyLink you need some equipment like router, modem or a combination of both known as gateway. The modem is essential for connecting your home to the internet while the router play a role in
connecting multiple devices
usually through a wireless connection.

CenturyLink provides you with choices, you could either buy or rent gateway. Buying the gateway
would demand a large
initial investment and it would take almost 15 months to take even. But after this tenure of 15
months of service you
will be able to save a significant amount of money. With the 24 months long CenturyLink
contracts, buying the equipment
is really a big deal.

Once you buy or rent an equipment, the setting up the CenturyLink Internet Service is really
easy, but the professional
installation is not needed.

CenturyLink Internet Connection and DIRECTV
  • Plug in the equipment (gateway) to the electric outlet
  • One end of the phone cord is plugged into the wall while the other one into the
  • If you are willing to connect multiple devices to the router. You can use the
    ethernet cord to connect the router to
    the modem by plugging in the cord into WAN port.
  • Also plug in the router to the electric outlet.

Now, at this point, you are capable of connecting internet to your devices either through a
cable or if you have a
router connect wirelessly. If you own a gateway then you become free of all the worries of
hooking the two together.

Installing the CenturyLink Fiber is such an easy task that you only have to plug in your gateway
to the cord coming out
of the wall and connect it to the electrical outlet. If you do not already have a fiber optic
service infrastructure at
your home, it will require a professional to build up this fiber infrastructure in your home.

A Comparison between Contract and No Contract CenturyLink
Internet Bundles

The first thing that you should pay attention to are the contracts while shopping for TV
or broadband plans. Just before
you pick a plan that havethe least price, under consider your living situation for next
12 to 36 months and compare it
with your length of the contract you have chosen.

If you see that you cannot stay all long the contract period then it is better to choose
a plan that does not have a
contract, it would prove more cost effective as you do only have to pay an early
termination fees (ETFs).

The renters and the people who want to shift in a short time span can be benefited from
this service.

Promotional and Non Promotional Rates

Who does not love promotions? Everyone is excited for promotional offers but just look
the price that you have to pay
after the promotional period before signing up for any promotional plan.

For these details, you have to usually call up a new service phone number.

Total Monthly Price of CenturyLink Deals

Just before you decide to install one of the centurylink internet plans, make sure that
you are clear about the monthly
bill that you are going to pay every month. Sometimes, you have to pay higher amounts
than the decided depending upon
the taxes applicable and the additional price of the equipment such as DVR, Modem or
Router etc. that you have added to
your plan.

Reviews and Ratings

Starting BroadbandNow aimed at creating a place where you can search out for unbiased andneutral ratings and reviews bythe consumers, already utilizing the service.
For this purpose we have designed a plan that allows only the costumers to give the reviews whose IP address originate from the service which they are rating.
To the present date almost 35.3 % people say that they would love to recommend CenturyLink to their friends and 61,585 CenturyLink costumers have rated their services.

Availability of CenturyLink Services

You can enjoy CenturyLink services in many areas and you can search them at CenturyLink availability map, including Colorado, Arizona, Washington, and 47 other states. At the end of the day they cover 49.3 million people all across 50 states.

To confirm that whether the CenturyLink service operates in your area or not, just enter the zip code into the zip search bar above and you will get the results showing you all the providers in your areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about CenturyLink
How much does CenturyLink cost a month?

CenturyLink internet plans range from $49/month for 15 Mbps to $65/month for 940 Mbps.

How fast is CenturyLink 20mbps?

CenturyLink 20Mbps is fast enough for streaming Netflix and other normal uses. Internetspeeds are measured in MegaBits Per Second. 20 Mbps is considered fast enough for mostapplications.

Can you have CenturyLink Internet without phone service?

Yes, you can get CenturyLink internet only. Prices for internet-only range from $49 to $65.

Does CenturyLink charge for installation?

CenturyLink does charge an installation fee. In many cases they will waive it forlimited-time promotions, or if you opt for a contract plan rather than month-to-month service.

How much does CenturyLink charge for modems?

CenturyLink usually offers modem rentals for $9.99/month or a one-time fee of $99.99,however prices are subject to change depending on region or service selected.

Is CenturyLink Internet unlimited data?

At the moment, CenturyLink does not offer unlimited data. Most plans are capped around aTerabyte per month. This is sufficient data for most family homes and cord-cutters.

Do I need a phone line for DSL CenturyLink?

While your house does need to be connected to the telephone lines in your area, you aren’tnecessarily required to have home phone service if all you want is internet.